The Easy Way or the Best Way?

Business owners have two clear directions to take when they set out to make their mark: the easy way or the best way. There is a difference between quick and dirty vs. efficient, as well, so it is still possible to tow the line without wasted effort.

I see the garbage behind the scenes of hundreds of websites per year. The band-aids, the poorly adapted code from someone else, and outright stealing of code and designs. Some developers let the client shoot themselves in the foot, then right on up their leg until they hit a vital organ.

Some projects are done without any foresight about the ramifications of any decision along the way — until it all comes down like a house of cards. By the time I am brought in to fix a desperate situation, often the best thing to do is to start over, from the ground up. There is a better way; it’s called “the right way.”

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