Do You Care Enough?

One consistent thread blatantly evident in successful solopreneurs is that most of them care about more than themselves or their company. They care about something larger than them and they care about  their customers. It’s so counter-culture today that it’s noticed by everyone who deals with them and it serves doubly by becoming all the more desirable in the market.

The market isn’t a closed system. That is, there isn’t a finite amount of money that everyone is in competition for a slice of the pie. The pie grows as people are empowered to affect the market. I refer to the mechanism as “win-win-win” and it looks like this:

  • Win: You get a sale/client.
  • Win: The customer’s need/want is met or exceeded.
  • Win: That satisfaction causes them to be in a better position (whatever that is to them).

That third win is a catalyst for growth and it has no limit.
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